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Building a dealer or reseller portal

With a dealer portal you speed up and simplify communication to and for your dealers. You are always and everywhere available for orders, information provision and stock management.


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Sebastian Schui

4 reasons to have a dealer portal made

  • time savings by managing data in 1 central place;
  • more customer loyalty and satisfaction through full transparency;
  • increase your turnover through cross- and upsell possibilities;
  • available 24/7 for your dealers and retailers.

What is a dealer or reseller portal?

Whether you call it a dealer or reseller portal, it’s basically the same thing. It is a secure online environment where only your dealers or resellers can log in. The portal provides personalized information that should not be publicly accessible. Think, for example, of (personalized) prices, after sales, providing insight into business processes or stock, but also making promotional material available, for example. You can set different rights and roles per user group so that you can easily share dashboards, applications, documents and, for example, manuals with different user groups. Very useful for automating processes, increasing service and revenue.

Wat Is Een Portaal Voor Een Specifieke Toepassing
Wat Is Een Portaal Voor Een Specifieke Toepassing

The big advantage of a reseller portal

The great advantage of a dealer or reseller portal is that it offers one central access to all information. With the help of web services and ERP connections, we can link almost any existing system to the portal. Think, for example, of administration, invoicing or logistics systems, but also of stock management, price and discount agreements, graduated prices or credit limits. With single sign-on, the dealer or reseller only needs to log in once and all relevant applications, information and data are accessible. In this way, all information flows are bundled and all data can be consulted, mutated and enriched in one central place. This way, your dealers are always aware of the status of orders, without calling or emailing. The ideal way to increase service!

Portaal Met Integraties En Koppelingen
Portaal Met Integraties En Koppelingen

The possibilities of a dealer portal

Depending on your wishes for a dealer portal, we can develop various functionalities. For example, think of possibilities for cross- and upsell, Self service, Product Information Management (PIM), links with back-office systems and much more. We list a number of options and advantages:

  • available online 24/7 worldwide;
  • digital communication and collaboration;
  • links with ERP and other back-office systems;
  • management of data in one central place;
  • efficient through Self Service;
  • creating opportunities through cross- and upsell;
  • insight into stock, order status, delivery time and invoices;
  • marketing tool through insight into history.
De Kansen Die Een Portaal Biedt
De Kansen Die Een Portaal Biedt

Curious about our solutions?

Why a Dotlab reseller portal?

Are you convinced of the importance of a dealer or reseller portal and are you looking for the ideal online partner for development? Then come and meet Dotlab.

With our years of experience in portal development, connections with ERP systems and conversion optimization, we always provide you with the best advice!

  • Strategic partner with years of experience in portal development.
  • We make connections with almost every ERP system.
  • We develop affordable and scalable portals through open source development.
  • 24/7 online monitoring and automatic security updates.
  • We like short lines of communication and a personal approach.
  • We work with a professional OTAP development line and a Scrum method.
Waarom Een Portaal Laten Maken
Waarom Een Portaal Laten Maken

We are Dotlab, your portal specialist!

Connectors. Creators. Visionaries. We make IT work for you again. With our multidisciplinary team, we create the software that best contributes to achieving your goals. And trust is essential in this. We build trust by investing in each other. Now and in the future. Together we build a solution that makes your work smarter, better and easier.

We make technology work for you again

Over the years we have developed many different portals and links. For both commercial and non-profit organizations. From customer portals to dealer portals. From B2B e-commerce to purchasing portals. And much more. We are quite proud of that! Click through a number of portals from our cases.

Modules and connections for your dealer portal

We develop our portals on globally used open source standards. With the help of connections and web services, we create links with almost any system. Think of CRM, financial, logistics, inventory, ERP and administration systems.

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