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Always busy? Get more done with the #1 platform for installers.


With Dotlab, you can save at least 4 hours per week per user by working smarter and combining proven solutions from a single login. Whether you’re on any device, in your preferred language, and wherever you are, you’ll have complete control.

Results we are proud of

Frame 2071

Top features specifically designed for installers that will give you a better balance of time and structure


Process requests faster

Make the most of every opportunity with the help of special features that assist in generating, qualifying, and prioritizing requests.


Automated tasks and sales processes

Eliminate time-consuming work by automating tasks, quickly retrieving contact information, converting intake into signable quotes, managing project activities, and more.


Integrated email and communication

Synchronize your email, respond to emails more efficiently, track follow-ups, and make all customer communication available from a single overview.


Generate and sign documents

Create shareable, traceable documents and templates with Smart Docs and take action at the right moment.


Processes, pipelines, and activities

Develop and implement your ideal sales pipeline with CRM features such as insights, goal setting, and activity tracking.


Insights and reporting

Identify successful patterns, predict revenue, and optimize your entire workflow with customizable insights.


Central knowledge base, AI chat support

Capture all your knowledge, easily share it with colleagues and customers, and save time answering questions with smart search and AI-powered chat features.


Integrations or customizations?

Expand your platform with multiple languages or other intelligent applications to create your ideal workflow, all from a single login.

Frame 2071

In just five steps, you will experience the power of our portal, just like millions of other users

Our mission for installers

Too much time is wasted on peripheral matters and inefficiency. We aim to give installers back as much time as possible to dedicate to the growth of their organization and achieve a better work-life balance.

We strive to achieve this by creating balance in various aspects of your (work) life. We minimize administrative tasks related to installations, optimize collaboration, improve communication, automate processes, and through insights and time-saving measures, we enable a renewed focus on sustainable business growth and more time for relaxation.

Dotlab Installateur Platform
Dotlab Installateur Platform

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Our promise to you, promised!

Discover our powerful software, increase your productivity, and save at least 4 hours per week per user. If this saving is not achieved, we will refund you the subscription fees.



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