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Optimize processes
with a portal.

Can your processes run smoother, faster, and more cost-efficient? Make technology work for you again with a portal solution.

Our smart integrations and links connect your complete IT landscape and bundle all information and communication flows. It creates the ideal foundation for process optimization. Process optimization starts with a smart portal.


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Sebastian Schui

What is process optimization?

Optimizing processes is increasing the efficiency of an organization by changing and improving existing processes. Think of processes for time registration, administration, and stock management, but also, for example, online collaboration or project management.

The more efficient your processes are set up, the better the service and the operating result.

Portal as rock-solid foundation

A portal is a secure online environment behind a login, which your users can access anytime, anywhere. The great advantage of a portal is that it offers one central access to information. We can link almost any database or system to the portal by means of links and web services. With the help of single sign-on you only have to log in once and all applications and data become accessible.

With a portal:

  • eliminate your manual and double entry
  • digitize and automate your work processes
  • bundle your information and communication flows
  • simplify the working method with functional tools
  • control different user roles from one environment
Portal als ideale basis
Portal als ideale basis

Quick and easy processing of 115k complex orders with dynamic flows.

Benefits of process optimization

Through process optimization, you constantly strive for the best result. It keeps you focused on activities that contribute little to the company or the output. By eliminating or reducing those, you achieve the ultimate workflow. This allows you to focus on activities that do add value to the customer. In short, you increase customer value.

Not only customer satisfaction, but employee satisfaction will increase as well. Waiting, unnecessary actions, and detours lead to frustration. By optimizing processes, you work with your team towards an easier, faster, and more efficient workflow. It leads to happier colleagues and better results.

Finally, constant optimizations keep the organization agile. It enables you to react quickly to new developments.

Processen optimaliseren met een digital partner
Processen optimaliseren met een digital partner

How do you optimize a process?


Start with an inventory of the processes within and around the organization: chain processes, (high-level) business processes and work processes. That overview shapes your current situation and helps you think about the priority of each process. Identify the core processes, supporting and controlling processes. Then take a closer look at the individual processes. Does it add value for the customer, for the company or is it waste that should be eliminated?


Determine why you are optimizing, formulate goals. Link KPIs to those goals and define standards, so that you can also demonstrate when the change is a success. Then provide a structural approach in which you work on small changes in short cycles with different improvement methods. Eliminate waste, automate processes, digitize workflows and link systems.


While optimizing, you are constantly collecting data. You track the KPIs and check at the end of each cycle whether the set standards where met. With the data you collect, you can discover new opportunities for improvement. In this way you constantly work with your team on the best result and the most flexible way to achieve that result.

More information about process optimization?

Share your challenge with us and we can give specific advice on how you can increase your results.

The secret to a
flawless workflow

Provide a single source of truth, one central environment that links or integrates all applications and systems and thus connects all data. With the implementation of a portal, you immediately overcome the first steps of process optimization. Further optimizations start from there.

Portal for a flawless workflow
Portal for a flawless workflow

Dotlab the portal specialist

There are endless possibilities in building a portal. You can combine existing modules and functionalities with custom features to create your ideal process.

Think of a signing module where you can have official documents digitally signed via a secure environment. Or a workflow module that makes the work process transparent for your customers and directly translates actions into a quotation. In fact, anything is possible thanks to our expertise: links and integrations.

Single source of truth
The main advantage of a portal is that it forms one central environment for all your users. You can link any database or system to your portal via links and web services. With the help of single sign-on you only have to log in once, and all applications and data are immediately accessible.

With a portal you bundle information flows, and all data can be consulted, mutated or enriched in one central place.

Future proof
At Dotlab, we build on proven open-source enterprise architecture. So you are not tied to a supplier, and your portal is infinitely scalable. This enables fast-growing organizations to continue to optimize their solution.

Rapid lean development
With our rock-solid framework, you can immediately start with a working environment. You then continue to optimize and improve your digital solution through data-driven analyses. Our multidisciplinary team of UX’ers, business analysts and developers constantly looks for opportunities to improve the current situation. Together with you, of course.

Modular platform
In our 20 years, we have already developed many solutions. We have collected these in our stack: a warehouse of the most successful plug-ins, functionalities, and other digital products.

So you can easily and quickly add standardized and proven modules to your portal. Mix and match! Does your process require custom-made functionality? No problem. Together we realize your ideal process.

Vacature Full Stack PHP Developer
Vacature Full Stack PHP Developer
optimize processes with a portal
optimize processes with a portal

Optimize every process:

  • place and view b2b (repeat) orders with your regular suppliers
  • order merchandise for your location directly at the head office
  • prepare documents for approval by different colleagues
  • assess, hire, and onboard applicants
  • submit, approve, amend and process expense claims
  • digitize work processes and translate them directly into a quotation

Different portal solutions

  • B2B e-commerce portal
  • Customer portal
  • Self-service portal
  • Purchase portal
  • Portal with SAP or Exact integration
  • PIM portal
  • Healthcare portal
  • View all portal solutions
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