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Develop your
e-commerce environment.

B2B e-commerce environments with a focus on user experience and conversion. Seamlessly integrated with all your back-office activities. We create a unique user experience, make sure your customers are satisfied, and return for repeat orders. That is how we help you realize growth!

Your ideal
e-commerce process.

We know how to set up e-commerce. B2B e-commerce is not just about selling products and/or services. An order is step X in a process of many other or successive processes. Processes that can often be done better, faster, and easier.

We help you find and improve the pain points in your e-commerce process. From visitor to purchase, from stock changes to repeat orders, we investigate everything and detect what makes your users happy.

With an e-commerce platform linked to your existing ERP or back-office package, you enable your organization to conduct automated business 24/7 (worldwide).

Lancering Ecomm 2
Lancering Ecomm 2

The best possible
user experience.

According to Dotlab, users are not just your customers who purchase your products or services. That is why we create e-commerce platforms that add value for all user groups, such as:

  • Customers – place (repeat) orders
  • Resellers – managing stocks, product information, and personalized prices
  • Suppliers – provide new stock, purchase prices, and product information.
  • Warehouse – picking, and delivery of orders
  • Employees – marketing, financial administration & processing orders.

With one platform you offer all your user groups the best possible user experience.

Lancering Ecomm
Lancering Ecomm

All skills under one roof.

Strategists, Developers, UX designers, Solution Architects, and Product Owners. Our digital lab houses professionals, all with their own expertise. Together, with your knowledge of the market and our knowledge of online, we form a multidisciplinary team and develop a successful e-commerce platform. A platform that enables you to achieve the best result for your organization.

Curious how we run our projects? Take a look at our approach.

Lancering Ecomm
Lancering Ecomm

Together with these customers we designed the
best process imaginable.

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