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Kenter offers its customers innovative and smart metering solutions and energy supplies. Kenter thus provides companies with insight into their energy consumption. They can use this data to save costs or re-charge to other companies.

A thorough overview requires an enormous amount of measurement data from different sources. For instance different electricity meters on different floors of a business building, all of which map the consumption of specific departments. Kenter would like to offer all that data to its customers in a user-friendly and simple way, without bothering them with the complex information flows behind this calculation.

We, therefore, developed a portal with various data integrations and added a Single Sign-On solution. That means the customer now has a clear-cut and complete overview of his current contract and invoice data via a single login.

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Complex data streams translated to a clear interface

Kenter became an independent part of Alliander a few years ago and supplies a range of energy and metering services. The company serves the market of large consumers of energy in business. For some organizations, which have multiple locations, for example, this can involve thousands of measuring points.

Because this concerns an enormous amount of data, it is very important for Kenter to find a way to present the information as clear as possible for customers. The aim was therefore to present only the relevant data, like contract data and current energy consumption.

Kenter Case klantportaal
Kenter Case klantportaal
External Integrations
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Making other platforms accessible thanks to SSO

The solution turned out to be a user-friendly portal. Via a centralized hub, customers can now instantly access all relevant data, from a single login. By smartly deploying our Single Sign-On solution (SSO), the customer can directly access data from external sources such as

The application ‘SAP Business One’ was the existing access point from which the customers received the billing data, among other things. However, because SAP is actually intended as ERP software, there was no portal available to provide customers with insight into available data online.

These invoice data from SAP are now also available in the portal via a tool developed by us, called OWConnect. This reduces the number of steps and saves time for Kenter and the customer.

The back-end of the portal communicates fully with APIs so that the data extracted from SAP can also be accessed securely by other (external) software with which Kenter works. This makes the portal a secure entrance for other applications that want to use the same data.

Customer portal with SAP integration

Together we design your ideal process and realize the digital solution that makes that process possible. We involve all your stakeholders from the very first moment so that the end result exactly matches the needs of your users. We call this Human Driven Innovation. Interested?

An established
portal that
integrates ERP software

Kenters new portal definitely improves the customer experience with a UX interface and user-friendly features. And because Kenter is constantly developing, we keep optimizing the platform.

For example, Kenter recently decided to switch from SAP to AFAS. We are now working together to form this integration in a way it matches the needs of all stakeholders as well.

Kenter Mockup Macbook
Kenter Mockup Macbook

Customer Portal with Single Sign-On

The solution we have developed for Kenter is of interest to many organizations. Using multiple integrations, we can merge data from different sources. We can then make that data accessible to the various user groups of the platform.

All underlying data is connected using APIs and a flexible data model. This means that source systems such as SAP can also be replaced. Because you can easily connect other software solutions to the portal, you are less dependent and you can continue to develop and optimize.

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