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Manage global media productions centrally in one environment.


This Swedish company is known worldwide for its affordable furniture and home goods. This expert in furniture solutions for any space, releases various media productions with their products and inspiration. Publishing and managing all media productions is a major logistical challenge. Together, we have largely automated and digitized the process. The solution consists of two parts. The OFFER Management application and a portal in which the franchisee can compile the catalog and the supplier can deliver its products.

Since 2020, the applications have been further expanded, so they can be also put to use as a trading platform for paper. Starting of 2021, the catalog will only be distributed digitally and our partner will use the portal we developed for other media productions, such as bathroom and kitchen catalogs. With this solution, the process has become much easier and more user-friendly.

Swedish furniture company
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A clear, manageable process for all stakeholders

The guide published by this concern is a worldwide phenomenon. To illustrate, this particular media production alone was printed more annually than the Bible, appeared in more than 80 countries and 29 languages, and had more than 100 pages each.

This organization provides the catalog for all its franchisees. The parent company handles everything related to the process, from the paper and the content to printing and delivery. The content of course differs per region, depending on the collection and the target group. This makes central digitization difficult. By letting the franchisees compose media productions themselves based on the items in their collection, a lot of time can be saved.

Previously, this was a cumbersome and time-consuming process. Together, we have redeveloped and expanded the tools. With the aim of a faster, clearer, and manageable process for all stakeholders.


Easy management for the world's most widely distributed print media

We really took into account the specific needs of our partner and their stakeholders, before we started developing the portal and the OFFER Management application. On the one hand, the management and invoicing of materials had to be more transparent. On the other hand, there was a strong need for a user-friendly solution to help the franchisees compile the catalog and give them direct insight into costs.

This organization works with the cloud version of SAP B1 for orders with its suppliers. We, therefore, built a connection with SAP which makes costs, delivery times, and material management more transparent.

Each franchisee can compose its own media productions completely digitally in the portal. After compiling, purchase orders are automatically generated. And then the paper suppliers, printers, and binders can start processing in the portal as well. All further transactions are communicated with SAP.

Serve your franchisees through a user-friendly Partner Portal

Anytime and anywhere available to your partners via a Partner Portal. With custom integrations that seamlessly connect with your existing IT. Discuss the possibilities for your organization with our experienced business consultants.

Always up to date

With one central Partner Portal, this Swedish warehouse can manage media productions worldwide. The portal facilitates a user-friendly work process for all stakeholders who jointly realize the media productions. Our solution saves our partner a lot of time and makes compiling the annual catalog easier than ever. Even if it only appears digitally.

Customer Portal with purchasing and sales automation

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