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Rapid lean development for quick realization of your solution.

In short sprints we develop digital solutions that make your processes faster, better and more human. Smart online portals, e-commerce integrations, tools and apps that seamlessly connect with and can be linked to your existing IT and application landscape.


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The digital kickstart for your organization.

  • A flexible and modular platform as a rock-solid starting point;
  • Rapid lean development for fast realization;
  • Usability and pilot tests with every delivery;
  • Developed on proven open-source enterprise architecture;
  • Professional lean development teams who think along with you.

Development of your solution.

We ensure that the best imaginable process is leading for your employees and customers. Technology is just a tool and should enable your process without any limitations. That is why we unburden your users by developing, building and implementing efficient digital solutions, such as:

We make sure that your organization can start very quickly with a rock-solid foundation. Through multiple iterations, we ensure that this is perfectly aligned with your existing IT environment. We call this Rapid Lean Development.

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Ready? Test!

Each iteration is followed by a partial delivery in the form of a demo. Each partial delivery, in which certain functionalities are added, is then subjected to a usability test. In this way we can immediately check off or improve the tested part before the next iteration by removing any obstacles.

At the final delivery of your platform, a so-called pilot test takes place. The purpose of the pilot test is to evaluate the risks and performance of the solution. This way we know that we are ready to launch your new digital solution.

Hosting & security.

The foundation of your platform must be solid from the start to not run into problems later on. That is why we do everything we can to let your solution flourish in the cloud when it goes live. We call that high level cloud hosting.

Our cloud hosting in European data centers is fully managed, so you don’t have to worry about that. We use proven and powerful technology for an architecture that is infinitely scalable and meets enterprise requirements and security guidelines. Something we monitor for you 24/7.

Together with you, we assess which direction suits your solution best. We can automatically scale peak loads and you will not be bothered by any network failures. Our managed hosting service gives your organization the certainty of a continuous online presence.

The only constant is change.

We are on top of changes in the most important processes of your organization. These kinds of changes often lead to resistance and yet it is necessary to be able to grow. That is why our professional lean development team is happy to help you map out that resistance and how we can make your colleagues, customers or partners happy and maximize your return.

Powerful digital solutions.


No control over your data and communication flows? With the right integrations, you create a single source of truth in one clear interface. Connect your entire IT landscape for the ultimate process.

Integrations and links


Increase (self) service, quality and loyalty. Reduce operational costs, save time and make work more efficient. With a portal you make information and tools available to all your user groups 24/7.



Manage multiple locations, business units, franchises, brands or specific marketing campaigns from one easy-to-use CMS? A multisite platform makes content management at scale easy.

Multi-site platform


With one digital solution you can serve all your users: customers, employees, suppliers, resellers. We build a B2B e-commerce environment that integrates seamlessly with all back-office activities.

E-commerce solution

We digitalized the best imaginable process for these customers.

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