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Web app simplifies international HR process for 23.000+ employees.


This Swedish furniture company is a globally known retail chain with more than 350 locations in dozens of countries. For its over 150,000 employees, the expert in lifestyle and furniture has a loyalty program, Tack, the Swedish word for thanks. Through this program, employees are rewarded for their loyal service.

The Swedish multinational consists largely of franchisees and the rules and implementation involving the loyalty bonus are slightly different everywhere. That is why not all loyalty programs work well together. This made the work process complex and cumbersome.

For the franchise organization, with more than 23,000 employees, we have designed a solution in the form of a web application. All data relating to the employee’s loyalty bonus is processed in that web app. This makes it immediately clear to everyone in which country, with which currency and for how many years an employee is entitled to the loyalty bonus.

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Fewer Excel sheets and more clarity thanks to Thanks! app

Managing this loyalty data for more than 23,000 employees is a huge task. An employee builds up an amount in the first 5 years, which the employer pays out after completion of the fifth year. After that, they receive an annual benefit. Keeping track of this data is not always easy for regional managers. Certainly not if an employee regularly changes location.

To keep track of this data, the managers used a huge amount of Excel sheets. If a change occurred, such as an increase in work hours, this had to be processed manually to get the correct bonus structure in the systems.


Transparent and clean reward system for huge workforce

For this Swedish concern, the satisfaction of its employees is very important. Among other things, the loyalty program shows this. Together, we explored ways to increase the ease of use for global and regional managers in checking the current status of employees. Our solution smoothened out this process by reducing the number of Excel sheets necessary and making them easily searchable.

Implementing changes and updating all data is now an easy process. Thanks to the web app and the added business logic, everything is adjusted automatically. With this tool, managers can keep track of all data during the year, which eliminates ambiguity at the start of the new fiscal year.

Reinforce your Employer Brand with our digital solutions

We can help you make the life of your employees more fun and easier. We do this by outsourcing boring or complex tasks to technology. Together with you and your employees, the users, we develop a solution that really makes a difference. We call this Human Driven Innovation. Interested?

Easily manage status and costs

In the first phase, it became clear that there was a particular need for simplification of the existing working process. The region manager can now easily find his people and update the status. The amount of time that is now involved with the loyalty program has decreased significantly. There is also more insight per employee and changes are quickly processed. Thanks to our solution the global and regional managers and employees of our partner always have insight into the loyalty program. When changing workplaces or franchises, the data can be easily transferred and currency, living standards, and years of work are automatically taken into account.

Always insight into the latest status

With this web app, we offer HR Managers a tool to always present their employees with an up-to-date overview of the loyalty program. The established business logic ensures unambiguous handling and gives confidence in the information. We can apply this principle to all imaginable information that is currently not kept in an application.


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