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Multisite platform for 90 local and personalized websites.


Junis is a major childcare organization with over 90 childcare locations. Through an extensive range of services, they connect seamlessly to the specific childcare preferences of parents in the area. In addition, Junis would like to further strengthen the relationship with the regional customers with an informative and unique website for each location.

In the search for suitable childcare, a good first impression and an overview of the variety of properties are extremely important. Thanks to our multisite solution, all childcare locations, and their offerings can now be easily found within the Junis website, with their own yet recognizable appearance. This results in a more pleasant orientation process for the customer and higher conversion for Junis.

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Staying close to the customer as a large organization

On more than 90 different locations throughout the Netherlands, Junis takes care of thousands of children between the ages of 0 and 13 every day. All those small and very locally oriented locations all have their own set of people, services, and facilities. Something that makes Junis unique and personal for parents and children. As a large organization, Junis believes it is important not to lose that and to be found by its customers on a neighborhood level.

Finding the right location was very difficult on the old website. Much was hidden behind complicated menus and the search options were very limited. As soon as parents had found a daycare in their neighborhood, location-specific information such as food, theme, and personnel policy was often lacking. As a result, they were left with many questions. So there was a lot to improve on.

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High SEO value for every location

The most important for Junis was ‘keep it simple’. Parents should be able to easily make a good choice based on their wishes. We, therefore, developed a multisite where each location had its own website within This allows every location manager to publish specific information for their daycare and it is much easier for parents to see what the advantages are per location. For example, they can now search for specific preferences such as food policy, location, and themed activities and then automatically find the appropriate daycare center in their neighborhood.

Thanks to the multisite solution and our content blocks plugin, the SEO value of the new website is extremely high. The individual childcare locations of Junis rank high in the Google results when you search for childcare in your own neighborhood. The design also means that parents only get to see what is relevant to them, whether it concerns a playgroup, childcare, or daycare center.

In addition, we also managed to streamline management for the location managers with a vacancy plugin and holiday planner developed by us. Activities and vacancies can now be posted quickly and easily. And via the planner, parents can notify in case of holidays on the website of their own childcare location.

Does your organization also benefit from a multisite approach?

With a multisite solution you are assured of simple and central management. With our Dotlab Contenblock Pagebuilder Plugin you keep a grip on your Brand Identity, while each website can publish its own content. This way you are always relevant to your customer, regardless of the location. Our business consultants are happy to help.

Scalable multisite for better conversion

Via various roles, content management is arranged across the entire organization. This is a valuable tool for location managers with which they can actively post and edit the content for their own location. The unique and personal character of each individual location is emphasized, while the Junis Brand Identity ensures recognition on a national level. By remaining distinctive and being able to connect regionally with specific target groups, Junis maximizes the recruitment of new children and employees.

Thanks to the scalable design, the multisite solution is future-proof. As soon as a new location opens, it is easy to add them and provide them with a ready-to-use website. In addition, it is easy to optimize this solution without having much impact on the existing components. Future needs or changes in the wishes of the users are therefore no problem. Junis can handle any growth and that makes the website a very profitable investment.

Junis Slimme Website
Junis Slimme Website
Screenshot 2021 09 15 At 11.23.07
Screenshot 2021 09 15 At 11.23.07
Multisite Junis
Multisite Junis

Multisite solution for organizations with growth ambition

Taking steps and realizing growth does not have to mean that the distance between you and your customer is also growing. We can design a solution together with you that keeps content management clear and user-friendly, but at the same time can process a lot of dynamic content. With an ideal mix of our own plugins, integrations with back-end, and adopted open-source techniques, we develop a platform that really works for your employees and your customers. Now, but also in the future.


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